Saturday, April 21, 2012

Andy torres , new fashionista in town !!!

here andy wears a denim shirt which can make any outfit look fantastic . it is a must for any fashionista .
Here Andy wears a denim shirt ( which is one of here favourite pieces to wear ) with a bold necklace which makes the outfit look great. The trousers are from Zara and are a mint colour , which are dead in at the moment. I have some of them !!!!! Go get some quick !!!
Andy Torres is the worlds best fashion blogger . Her blog style scrapbook, is world known . The reason people like  her is because , she has a very personal unique style, and what I like about her is that she wears things with attitude and she´s not afraid to wear things different ly from everyone else. She has a very classy chic style. She includes a lot of edgy pieces in her outfits, like leather mixed with wool . She also wears a lot of neon colours, long maxi skirts and tie die pieces. Her fashion voice is really strong , as she made it all the way from Mexico to Amsterdam to being one of the best fashion bloggers .
Here Andy is wearing a pink neon shirt from Riverisland and printed pants from h and m . People are usually afraid to add a pink neon shirt to an outfit that follows a black shade.  Now those people might be thinking , oh that actually looks really good !! The truth is, it does !!! And you can never be afraid to try this.

Here Andy wears a tie die shirt and trousers from zara. These are very popular at the moment! Go get some before they run out.

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