Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sasha piovarova , Marina Linchuk, Natalia Vodianova

Sasha Pivovarova
Sasha Piovarova is probably one of the most unique models I have ever seen. She has an irreplaceable face, almost looking like she´s from another world. She kind of looks like cat women when you look at her eye and face shape. She is so beautiful !!!
Marina linchuk is the face of the Miss dior perfume and is in the advertisement for the perfume which is my favourite ad of all time. She has a very edgy style of dressing up . She is certainly getting more known and popular. Have you ever seen her in anything ??

Miss Dior Chérie - 45s official version HD - long version

Natalia Vodianova is probably one of the most wanted models of today . You have most likely seen her in many runways or fashion ads . She is the most wanted face for all fashion brands !! I think she is absolutely stunning !! What do you think ??

fashiontv | - Natalia Vodianova Models Talk S/S 08


fashiontv | - SASHA PIVOVAROVA MODELS F/W 09 -10

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"Sasha is well known for her strange looks & numerous Prada campaigns,"
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