Tuesday, March 6, 2012

why I love fashion so much

Fashion is so amazing, I have no idea what my life would be without it. Many people think its only for preppy , stupid girls who don´t care about their studies so they just go on to their easiest choice, fashion ! truth is fashion is not easy and does not require less effort than an academic subject. fashion is actually harder than an academic subject as there is firstly, a lot of competition , secondly it is not a subject that is taught in school its just passion and either you have it or not , secondly it requires a lot of creativity, as your brain need to be generating ideas all the time. Fashion is something that people choose because they choose it and nobody else choice it for them , fashion is simply pure passion. you never can get tired of it as it always brings something new to the table, each season , each year some new idea or trend is created , a new kind of collection is made, in which every designer will be inspired by for their future creations. Another great thing about fashion is that it has no rule. You can be whoever you wanna be that day, and nobody is going to judge you for it. You don´t have to be someone your not, you don´t have to impress or please anybody but yourself. There is no right or wrong way to wear a trend, and fashion depends on you and your personal style, and how you interpret it into reflecting on who you personally are as a human being.  
Are designers one day ever going to run out of ideas ??? The truth is no !!! As every single thing is allowed in fashion any slight idea that a different mind will create is valid. There is always going to be new ideas new, new things to create. If you don´t have any ideas you can even create a top saying , I have no idea , or one with question marks all over it !!! The truth is fashion is what each mind makes it . If you hate fashion then don´t pay attention to it, if you love dressing crazily , don´t be afraid about it. In fashion everyone mind their own business.

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