Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion what are you talking about ???

 what is fashion exactly? Everyone always talks about fashion. You see it everywhere, in the streets, in the sky ,at school, at work. But nobody really has a true definition for it . Fashion is an art the art of expressing yourself through clothing . In a way fashion is a bit like writing or drawing its a way of expressing yourself. Its like a fingerprint everyone has a different fingerprint, well everyone has a different style or a different way to wear certain trends. If you're using fashion correctly you should be able to tell what kind of person you are just by looking at what you wearing . Fashion is a way of identifying yourself and stating who you are or what kind of person your feeling that day . Fashion in a way is like acting as your creating an image of who you wanna be that day. One you´ve created an image of yourself through fashion nobody can take it or copy it. Or if they try to they will never be a better version of you than yourself.  Many people say their outfit choice depends on the mood their feeling that day, and thats very true it depends on how you want to express yourself that day and what kind of mood you transfer through clothing. Fashion is kind of like a secret language that nobody else but you can relate to it . Should people really be copying trends, then ??? No because if your copying people's trends its kind of like stealing their identity and blocking your personality or way of expressing yourself and avoiding it from getting through.If you are copying someone style its a pity because you´re not letting the best possible style for you to get through and that is your own.  Fashion is temporary but style is eternal. This is true as fashion only lasts for a season or two and may never come back but style and taste is there forever.  You can maybe copy one trend but then make it your own.You always have to have some kind of item that says this is me. But if your feeling that the trend does not reflect on who you are, then don't bother. fashion is like a mirror and its  like seeing your reflection but through a different way as it reflects on who you are on the inside.

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