Tuesday, February 7, 2012

how to style the skull scarf

The Skull scarf ,(A trend started by alexander mcquin) is an extremly in trend at the moment.  It is an extremly edgy element that has a very  glamour rock style  to it.  Many people think that it is an element that can not suit every style but you´ll be surprised what one scarf can do to a whole look. It is definatly that risky punky element any girl should have in their wardrobe. As it is not too punky and you can easily make it your own !!!

ways to wear it

Contrasting patterns:

This is a very risky look and if you don´t wear it well you can really go wrong with it. Its all about combining too patterns. Skulls would look good with maybe a little poka dot dress something simple but yet it has a pattern. 

The romantic style way
Believe it or not you can even style the alexander mcquin scarf in a more feminine , romantic way by combining it with a sequenced knitted Jumper.  A navy colour would do : Pink or gray or beige would look best. It is a great way of combining two styles.
The simple way 
This is a way that not many people would expect out of the alexander mcquin scarf. It is a very simple yet unexpected look to style with the scarf. The blue dress and denim jacket add a more country look to the style and the brown leggings and derbys style it towards a more vintage looking side. Definatly a style to try if you are not the kind of person that would wear a punky sort of look. 

The Aztec way  
This way is a very special way to style up the scarf.   Again , you need to combine it in a correct manner otherwise it can turn up totally dreadfull!!! Of course you already need to have one aztec element in your outfit too much is never good. Wheather its a cardigan or a pencil skirt or a t –shirt never  all of them !! It is a very special look very boho chic and its definatly worth the risk!!

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