Friday, February 10, 2012

shows at the moment

 Jane by design 
This show is fantastic for any fashion lover !!!!! Its about a young high school girl who loves fashion and lives with her older brother . She manages to get an internship at a fashion company called Donoven decker which is her dream job  . Jane has to deal with two secret lives, one of an unpopular high schooler and one of high fashion !!!! 

 Downtown abbey

This show as some of you already know is downtown abbey . It is a british show set in the 1920s. Its about a rich family
that live in a mansion and  downstairs you see the life of the servants who work in the house which is totally different from theirs.  The dresses worn by the leading ladies are all beautiful. There are alot of tull and sequence fabrics for the night dresses and some sailor and lace styled dresses and hats for the daytime . It is truely a most see for anyone !!!!

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