Saturday, February 4, 2012

A little mint and pink will never do you any harm

Mint and pink are my favourite colour combinations. I have created my blog to share with you guys my love of fashion and photography. I have always bee n looking at blogs and finally decided to do my own. i want to study fashion journalism and fashion design and thought this would be a great way to start !!!! I love fashion and want to know of other people have the same style as I do !!! Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog!!!!
mm Macarons
lace dresses my favourite !!!
cupcakes !!! mmmm!!!
Dnlmkzt3ponhn1va12devh9po1_500_largeMy favourite vintage shoes of all history !!miss dior ads with Maryna Linchuk 
Rouge coco shine 
pink chanel bag 
coco mademoiselle perfume 
My favourite ad in the history!!!!  i love watching this ad all the time over and over again !!!! It is a very girly flirty ad with that nice atmosphere of Paris !!!!

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